​​1.  Genuine Joy

2.  Impromptu 

3.  Values

4.  Proper Love

5.  In Full Bloom

6.  Verses & Choruses

7.  Game Hype

8.  Its My Time

9.  The Decade

10.  25 Years Later

11.  Eleven to Twelve

12.  Secret Closet  

13.  Mythless Christmas

14.  I Do Love You 

15.  Distinction

16.  Legacy, Love and Lullabies

17.  Born to Worship

18.  Let's Celebrate

19.  Global Gospel

20.  Alive to Sing Praise

21.  Recovery

22.  20 Years a Servant

23.  Born to Worship, II

24.  Legacy

Gary L.  Wyatt's newest recording "Legacy" will be available Sept. 2017.  This explosive and anointed 12 song Praise and Worship CD displays music arranged by Dwight Goodman and T. James Mullen and vocals arranged by Kristle Murden. 

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